Did you ever wonder if your ideas on policy and strategy were a little out of bounds?

Were you concerned that your credibility would be jeopardized if you voiced your opinions?

Do you believe that alternative viewpoints are useful to deliberate decision-making?

Would you rather someone else absorb a critique as a proxy to expressing your informed opinion?

Then this is the place to communicate and share.  Thoughts can be attributional or not, however, they must be coherent and adhere to basic rules of grammar, logic and civility.

The Director chose Viribus Unitis as a tagline because it sends several subtle messages, but we leave those interpretations up to you.  The last Hapsburg Emperor Franz Josef used it as his personal motto, but, for however many years he may have been led to believe that his forces were indeed united, it did very little to sustain political order and unity beyond the Great War.

This forum should consist not solely of contrarian viewpoints, but of rational approaches to solving real problems, without animus or prejudice.  All voices are welcome.  Although we would prefer that thoughts remain in the politico-military space, we welcome all comers.

We hope that you enjoy our contributions.